Jacqueline Jamal

Email: Jacqui.jamal@blueyonder.co.uk 

Jacqueline Jamal is known for her joyful dancing and teaching.  Learning a wide range of dance styles since childhood, she developed a passion for Egyptian Dance in 1985, which has been a source of learning and pleasure ever since. 

She says, ‘Egypt offers us such a treasure trove of dance from a wide geographical diversity over a tremendous history, and because of the position of Egyptian women, not despite it, their dances offer us a unique and precious insight into what it means to be female’. 
Jacqueline has mastered an extraordinary breadth and depth of these dance styles, which she performs with energy and exuberance.   She has studied with a host of fabled teachers of our times and incorporates this learning in her work, together with her own insight and style.

Jacqueline has taught 1000’s of women over her long career, earning her place as a respected expert in this field of dance.  She is much loved by many.   Her classes are great fun and it is important to her that each dancer, regardless of level, develops their own fitness, knowledge, skill and self-awareness so that they will perform with generosity and confidence.   She has taught a number of respected teachers in Europe today and been instrumental in developing the Egyptian dance and music scene in Britain through workshops, summer schools, magazines, arts festivals and theatre.

Ismene Brown, writing in The Daily Telegraph says of Jacqueline: ‘Jamal as Azeeza, a warrior queen with a scimitar balanced on her head, stands in haughty thought.  Then you notice that the gold tissue at her hips is humming like the wings of a humming bird.  Gradually the vibration travels up her body until everything from knee to shoulder is aquiver, while her face looks down serenely as if this astonishing body were not hers at all’.

This weekend Jacqueline shows how to fuse dance styles from contrasting traditions to great effect - a style which she has pioneered throughout her dance career.  She will share secrets of revealing emotion through dance - to create characterisation, as in her work for the theatre and to add integrity and power to performance.  She will also be showing how to add complexity to your dance with the addition of travelling steps and patterns, gleaned from the careful study of star dancers in diverse genres - from Fred and Ginger, through the golden age of Egyptian Dance to the Cairo stages of the modern day.