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Originally from the North East, Nikki Livermore is an enthusiastic and vivacious Teacher & performer of Arabic dance, who is now located in Gloucestershire.

Nikki has been  bellydancing since 1996, when, feeling socially isolated, following the birth of her 3 young children,  and  with her husband Neil serving in the RAF abroad at that time, and moving from one end of the country to the other, she excitedly attended her very first lesson with Tina Hobin in Wallingford. Since then Nikki has trained as a JWAAD Tutor, qualifying in 2005.

Nikki has taught and performed throughout the UK, at most of the UKs major dance festivals, including  Glastonbury Festival, The London Fantasia, and Majma.

Nikki loves performing at events, parties, weddings, and for many years danced in Oxford's most prestigious restaurant “Du Liban”.  It was at” Du Liban”, that Nikki met musician John Sleiman, whom she has worked with for many years.  Together, Nikki & John teach workshops, at Festivals, in schools and at corporate team building days. They often team up at events to do performances together.

Nikki who is also a qualified Nurse, Fitness Instructor and Health Visitor believes completely in  the holistic health benefits of bellydance, both physically and emotionally, and has taught dance to post natal women in her role as a Health Visitor, to promote emotional health & wellbeing.
Nikki organises a very popular annual winter hafla in Gloucestershire, and in recent years has organised the Oxford Bellydance Bonanza.

Nikki is available to teach workshops and as a performer throughout the UK and abroad.

Email Nikki for more information - or telephone her on 07400 228722



The” WOW” Factor A performance skills based workshop, incorporating psychology, stage presence,  musical interpretation, energy, moods & Pizzaz .You've chosen the music, done the choreography, rehearsed the steps, got your costume, but still find that your dance is lacking in some vital elements.....Open the toolbox of tips, to add sparkle, Pizzaz, and the “WOW” factor to your performance. Includes: 1. The basics, 2. Creating energy, 3. Musical interpretation/3 Dimensional dancing, 4. Entrances/exits,  5. Poses & freezes, 6. Passion/ Focus points. No need to bring a choreography along.

Sharpen your skills; Edgy Sword Come out of your comfort zone, & learn how to "splice up" your dancing by adding the excitement of dancing with a sword, using playful, daring body balances, & powerful shimmies & spins! Includes: "turban-tying" technique to position your sword and some optional floorwork (alternatives given). Bring pads if you intend doing floorwork and a sword if you have one.

Dancing to Tabla with percussionist John Sleiman    Learn 5 popular Arabic rhythms, understand when they are used, and try out suggested moves to each rhythm.  Less is more, poses & freezes. Fun Playful and Interactive.

Funky Saiidi with or without a stick.    Dance with confidence to the earthy moves of the Saiidi dance, learn authentic dropping and jumping steps, how to spin, twirl, balance and bash your stick!. Fast, Fun & furious!
Floorwork. Getting down with elegance, poise, and style! Try out Turkish knee sins, Cleopatra’s crawl, Cleopatra’s Press-up, Half-splits, fake backbends, Cleopatra’s shimmy and dangling 8s and circles!

Taqs, Pops, Hits and Locks. Add fast sharp, percussive moves and spice to your routine to contrast with your fluid undulations. Particularly suitable for those wanting to do a drum solo.

Veil techniques, single and double. Go from single simple veil techniques seamlessly to elegant advanced double veil

Bhangra Beats   A lively workshop with its roots in Southern India; incorporating Bollywood style, and some classical Indian moves, “Feel-good” dancing at its best!

Stretching for dancers   Maintain and develop your flexibility, strength and balance to improve the range & quality of your dance technique. Includes Breathing and the 7, 4, 8 and promotes relaxation.

Nubian style and choreography. Notes given with workshop which includes history & cultural components, as well as moves steps and short choreography.

North African Style with a scarf  A lively  workshop, suitable for beginner upwards. It Includes some cultural discussion, notes given with workshop. Good for bonding groups and promoting emotional well being.

 Shamelessy Shamadam!  The Zaffa, or wedding dance  Learn the techniques of Shamadam, when to use it, and  cheeky moves to make your dance spectacular!

Technical workshops are available upon request such as;-

Spins & Turns to add eloquence to your dancing

Shimmy, Shake and Shiver! Shimmies  from around the world, incorporating, Ghawazi shimmy, Caribbean shimmy, Hawaiian shimmy, shakes, shoushous and shivers on almost any part of your body!

Master your Camels. Undulations and smooth fluid moves to show your skill and musical interpretation of classical pieces of music. Includes some more obscure drum rhythms.

Travelling steps to move your dance forward! Includes steps from throughout the Middle East.

Choreographies also available upon request, to teach and perform, so if you have a piece of music in mind, that you want a choreography for, give Nikki a ring, for a meaningful performance piece.

Nikki Is also available to give a variety of talks at meetings and workshops on  many subjects concerning Arabic dance styles, costuming, history, musical instruments,  Famous Arabic composers, Singers and Dancers  from the past to the present. The talks can  range from 20 minutes to 90 minutes.
Email Nikki for more information - or telephone her on 07400 228722